Roads of the missing sand

– Making art means not making art.

– My job is to play; sometimes I play with the clouds in the sky: this is making art!

Allan Kaprow

The Roads of the missing Sand- a performance

– Paying homage to Robert Smithson, in an existential Sisyphean ritual, we brought back some of the same river sand, a precious building material, to where it is being extracted. Carrying the bags of sand on our shoulders, the sloping platform of the old quarry becomes a symbol of Sisyphus’s mountain. From its summit, we shoveled the sand in the air, in repeated gestures, a desperate effort of a futile toil. Returning the sand to its environment, it transformed into our color-matter. Moved by the wind, it became an ephemeral painting: small metaphysical clouds on the blue canvas of the sky.

The Roads of the missing Sand (Clouds) is a performance video 04’24”