competition entry

Awarded 3rd prize in Agorà Design Contest 2023:

‘Hyperlocal: architecture and design from the regions’

Driades – A modular forest

A semi-covered modular structure that in its multiplication becomes an inhabited “forest” of birch columns.

Each unit is self-standing but can also be joined with others to make a composite system, extensible in four directions and in two rotations while having variable possible uses. The Driades module is hence spatially versatile and it can be made of natural materials and finishes. The metal joints and floor supports are standardized for a guaranteed fast and safe assemblage. It is ideal for constructing informal structures with a compositional logic for equipped axes and free typo-logical fields, following the needs given by the site and the type of services that must be satisfied.

The Driades module is presented here in its multiplied form as an open air market. People and merchandise intermingle under the shade of a jute cover inside the rhythmic placement of the birch columns- each one unique. A different concept of a market that goes back to recognizing itself in simple and transitory structures, rediscovering the spirit of the old fruit and vegetable markets, now being continuously rendered obsolete, but with a fresh look at the local territories, the world of agricultural production and closer social relations.

The Driades module refers to a ground zero of architecture, wanting to re-invent itself in a synergistic relation to nature. The city might not be a tree but a market can be a forest. A modular forest.

Driades Module-Market- exterior view of Modular Forest on Supersurface with girl from Superstudio collage
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